When America’s policies and actions no longer match its values, when hate and extremism are normalized, and when our democratic processes are threatened, our global legitimacy is undermined along with our ability to protect the most vulnerable worldwide. The ideology driving the antidemocratic far-right extremist movement in the United States has become increasingly visible. This movement is no longer a fringe element of our society, it is both mainstream and it is a broad-based movement. Mitigating this existential threat to our democracy requires an approach that includes addressing the violent and most visible components of the movement as well as the mainstream networks that build support for the movement.

Our Extremism and Human Rights Program leverages our organization’s established work on refugee and immigration issues, our unique veterans coalition, and tools from our Innovation Lab to address the rise in antidemocratic far-right extremism.

Our work emphasizes protecting local democratic institutions, addressing extremism in the military and law enforcement, undermining mainstream networks, and supporting targeted communities.

Addressing the rise of this movement is an enormous undertaking and we are eager to partner in pushing back against extremism, defending our democracy, and protecting human rights.

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