Activating Legal Prowess

Who We Work With

We use the courts to challenge the United States to live up to its obligations under U.S. and international law.   We work with lawyers and law firms that are interested in doing pro bono work in accountability, refugee protection, and impact litigation. 

The Help We Need

The oppressed are always in need of quality representation that can protect their human rights.  We are eager to partner with and leverage the talent of law firms to represent our clients on human rights issues like asylum, corruption and abuse, and countering extremism.

Typical Involvement

Human Rights First leverages millions of dollars in pro bono legal hours every year to challenge policy and change people's lives.  We are always interested in partnering with law firms, legal clinics, law schools, and other entities that can commit pro bono counsel to assist in all aspects of our legal work, including investigating, drafting, and filing impact litigation.

Current Needs

Systemic Injustice

Work With Asylum Seekers

Attorney Volunteers Through Human Rights First’s Refugee Representation program, volunteer lawyers have the unique opportunity to change the lives of refugees by helping them win…

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Systemic Injustice

Use Your Voice for Human Rights

Human Rights are under threat in the United States and across the globe in the undue burdens put on asylum seekers exercising their right to…

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Systemic Injustice

Represent Asylum Seekers

The right to seek asylum is a pillar of our nation’s immigration system and we work every day to keep it so. Asylum seekers are…

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Systemic Injustice

Lawyers for Afghans In Need

To learn more about providing pro bono legal assistance to relocated Afghans, please click “Take Action” on the left and fill out our form. The…

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Leverage your Legal Abilities

We are looking to partner with law firms to address the most pressing human rights concerns.