Advocating for the Overlooked

Who We Work With

We collaborate with individuals, organizations, and coalitions committed to advancing human rights in the United States and around the world.

The Help We Need

We work for people whose human rights are not respected because our aim is to build a society that respects all people.  You can help us by joining our cause, advocating for justice, and speaking out in your community and on social media.  We are always interested in collaborating with organizations and skilled individuals interested in bringing the change we seek.

Typical Involvement

We regularly work with allies and other advocates. We welcome public involvement in amplifying in social media, in your communities, and across your networks our message of respect for human rights.

Current Needs

Systemic Injustice

Work With Asylum Seekers

Attorney Volunteers Through Human Rights First’s Refugee Representation program, volunteer lawyers have the unique opportunity to change the lives of refugees by helping them win…

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Systemic Injustice

Use Your Voice for Human Rights

Human Rights are under threat in the United States and across the globe in the undue burdens put on asylum seekers exercising their right to…

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Systemic Injustice

Interpreters for Afghans In Need

To volunteer as a Dari or Pashto interpreter or translator for relocated Afghans in need of legal assistance, please click “Take Action” at left.

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Help build a humane asylum system

Call on the Biden administration to reunite refugee families

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