Challenging Antidemocratic Far-Right Extremism


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What's Happening

The ideology driving the antidemocratic far-right extremist movement in the United States has become increasingly visible in our institutions, policies, and public discourse. This movement represents an existential threat to our democracy.

What We're Doing

With a network of human and civil rights defenders, veterans, and advocates, we are challenging this movement using our expertise in research, policy, law, technology, and national security to uncover the movement, expose its tactics, and uphold human rights.

Current Efforts

Extremism and Human Rights

When America’s policies and actions no longer match its values, when hate and extremism are normalized, and when our democratic processes are threatened, our global legitimacy is undermined along with our ability to protect the…


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Taking Action

Democratic Institutions

A Proxy War: Attacks on Diversity in the Military Target American Civil Rights

Summary: The far-right extremist campaign to dismantle diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)[1] in the U.S. military is a proxy for their broader efforts to roll back civil rights in the…

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Democratic Institutions

Lawsuit Filed Against Patriot Front for Racist Attack in Boston



Recycled Bigotry: Antisemitic Conspiracy Theories Go Mainstream

Far-right actors in the U.S. center historic antisemitic conspiracy theories as a key tactic in their campaign to mainstream hate and extremism. This approach gives new life to anti-Jewish tropes…

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Misogyny & Anti-LGBTQ+ Extremism

Anti-Trans Extremism: The Far Right’s New Strategy to Spread Hate

Mainstream far-right actors are escalating a nationwide campaign to eliminate the trans community from American society – a dangerous threat to trans people and one that portends broader attacks on…

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Democratic Institutions

Male Supremacy and Misogyny: Mainstreaming Extremism Through Local Government

WHAT IS MALE SUPREMACY AND MISOGYNY? Male supremacism is a social hierarchy which places cisgendered—or straight—men as superior to others and justifies their social and political control. Misogyny—a key element…

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Xenophobia / Anti-Immigrant Extremism

Xenophobia & Anti-Immigrant Extremism: From Fringe to Mainstream

WHAT IS XENOPHOBIA & ANTI-IMMIGRANT EXTREMISM? Xenophobia and anti-immigrant extremism perpetuate the idea that immigrants, or people who are perceived to be “foreign” or “outsiders,” threaten America’s founding ideals and…

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Democratic Institutions

On Anniversary of January 6, Antidemocratic Extremism is Mainstream

WASHINGTON –  On the second anniversary of the insurrection at the United States Capitol, Human Rights First reprised its call to bring those responsible for the attack to justice. “The…


Democratic Institutions

January 6th Committee Report Renews Call for Criminal Accountability

WASHINGTON –  With today’s publication of the final report of the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol and the recommendation of four…


Democratic Institutions

“Digital Soldiers”: QAnon Extremists Exploit U.S. Military, Threaten Democracy

QAnon Extremists Exploit U.S. Military, Threaten Democracy This report examines how the QAnon movement exploits the U.S. military’s credibility in society to further its aim of undermining American democracy. It…



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Our Extremism and Human Rights Program works to defend our communities from the growing threat of antidemocratic far-right extremism.