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Bias, discrimination, and violence against individuals who practice or who are assumed to practice the Muslim faith is growing in Western countries, including the United States. We have seen this most clearly in the rise of hate crimes, domestic and foreign policies

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HRF is leading the way in calling for reforms to policies and holding perpetrators accountable.

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American ideals are undermined when we discriminate against Muslims, or persons of any faith. Anti-Muslim rhetoric has entered the U.S. political and mainstream public discourse, with politicians calling for extreme,…


Letter on “United We Stand” event

Dear Ambassador Rice, We applaud the administration’s efforts to address hate through the upcoming summit, United We Stand: Countering Hate-Fueled Violence Together. We believe that hate and hate-fueled violence, primarily…


Vets for American Ideals Heads to SXSW

For the third year in a row, Human Rights First is headed to SXSW (or South by Southwest), but this time it’s Vets for American Ideals’ show. This Sunday in…


During Confirmation Hearings, Senate Urged to Question Pompeo on Key Human Rights Concerns

New York City – In advance of Secretary of State nominee Mike Pompeo’s confirmation hearing, Human Rights First today expressed serious concern with his prior statements and positions on broad range of human…


Administration’s policies of Fear and Division Challenged in The Netherlands.

Peter Hoekstra, a former Republican member of Congress from Michigan, was a leading supporter of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. He was rewarded by being appointed U.S. Ambassador to the Netherlands.…


President Trump’s Tweets Promote Anti-Muslim Bigotry

New York City—In response to President Trump retweeting three unverified videos allegedly portraying Muslims involved in acts of violence from a known source of extremist content, Human Rights First’s Susan Corke issued the…


White Nationalist Steve Bannon Departs White House, Gorka Needs to Follow

Washington, D.C.—Human Rights First today welcomed reports that White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon is leaving his position in the Trump Administration. Prior to his White House appointment, Bannon served…


Arti Walker-Peddakotla: Veteran +

Meet Arti Walker-Peddakotla. She’s a U.S. Army veteran, a mother of three, and the daughter of Indian immigrants, a first generation American. After basic training in Texas, she was stationed…


Issues Facing the Next President of France: Will Disruption Further Divide?

France’s presidential election is a potential turning point for Europe, which continues to reel from Britain’s decision to exit the European Union. Ethno-nationalist populism has been gaining ground in France…

Issue Brief

Supreme Court Should Uphold Injunctions Blocking Refugee Ban

Washington, D.C.—Human Rights First today urges the Supreme Court to uphold the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals’ ruling that keeps in place an injunction blocking President Trump’s executive order banning…


Reflecting on the Year: Veterans for American Ideals

When I retired from the Marine Corps, like all of my friends who served, I reflected on my experience and wondered if I could find something as meaningful and important.…