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Hate crimes in the U.S. have seen a sharp increase and significant gaps in data impede the US Government's full understanding of the scope of the threat.

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Among human rights groups in the United States, we're leading the effort to ensure that the U.S. government makes addressing hate crimes, law enforcement response to hate crimes, and hate crimes data gaps, a domestic policy priority.

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Hate Crimes


Veterans for American Ideals


Yates Testifies on Extremist Threat to Americans and Democracy

WASHINGTON D.C. – This morning, Human Rights First’s Senior Researcher on Antisemitism, Dr. Liz Yates, testified before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee at their hearing “Domestic Extremism…


With New Hires, Human Rights First Builds Out Program on Extremism

WASHINGTON – Human Rights First today announced the hiring of Erin E. Wilson as the Senior Director for Extremism and Human Rights and Elizabeth Yates, Ph.D. as Senior Researcher on…


Human Rights First Commends D.C. Attorney General for Suing Those Responsible for Jan. 6 Insurrection

WASHINGTON – Using a law originally written to cripple the KKK, District of Columbia Attorney General Karl A. Racine set a historic precedent yesterday, suing the Proud Boys and Oath…


To Counter Domestic Extremism, Human Rights First Launches Pyrra


Charlottesville Verdict a Win for Human Rights

WASHINGTON D.C. –– This afternoon’s verdicts in the civil case against the people and organizations that marshaled the deadly 2017 Charlottesville rally is a significant victory against violent white extremism.…


Human Rights First Calls on Social Media Companies to Invest in Anti-Extremism After Wray Testimony in Senate

WASHINGTON – Human Rights First President and CEO Michael Breen gave the following statement on the testimony given by FBI Director Christopher Wray today before the Senate Judiciary Committee: “Putting…



The U.S. government should treat hate crime as a grave and urgent threat to human rights. Hate crime violence not only alters, and sometimes ends, individual lives; it creates fear…


Deadly Racist Extremism is Fostered Online, Buffalo Shooting Makes Clear

WASHINGTON D.C. -- Another act of domestic terrorism was perpetrated yesterday at a Buffalo market by a mass shooter who had been radicalized into racism and antisemitism on the internet.…


Biden Order on Policing a First Step Toward Justice

WASHINGTON -- On Wednesday, President Biden signed an executive order on police accountability and the transfer of military equipment yesterday which includes policy changes for which Human Rights First has…