Title 42: A human rights disgrace

Under the pretense of protecting public health, the Trump administration in March 2020 initiated use of the CDC’s Title 42 public health order to expel asylum seekers to grave dangers without allowing them to apply for asylum at the southwestern border of the United States. 

The Biden administration’s initial efforts to end the use of Title 42 were blocked by court orders; the current administration then expanded the policy’s use.  

In advocating for its end, Human Rights First and partners documented Title 42’s public health, border management, and human rights harms. Our research, recommendations, press releases, and blogs are compiled here.

Our Response


End of Title 42 Brings New Barriers for Asylum Seekers

62 Organizations File Amicus Brief in the Supreme Court on Title 42’s Deadly Impact

Biden Administration Use and Expansion of Trump Policy to Ban People Seeking Asylum Endangers Lives, Tramples Human Rights


Title 42: “Human Rights Stain, Public Health Farce”

Federal Court Forces Continuation of Title 42

Human Rights First Opposes Attempts to Codify Inhumane Title 42 Expulsion Policy

Human Rights First Welcomes Decision to End Title 42 Policy, Calls for Halt to Expulsions to Danger

Marking Two Years of Illegal, Inhumane Title 42 Expulsions: Nearly 10,000 Violent Attacks on Asylum Seekers and Migrants

Human Rights First Calls on CDC to Rescind Title 42 Order After Easing COVID-19 Mask Mandates

Human Rights First Opposes CDC’s Extension of Title 42

Human Rights First Condemns House Appropriators’ Inclusion of Asylum Ban in FY ’23 DHS Appropriations Bill 

Human Rights First Urges Senators to Reject Anti-Refugee and Immigrant Poison Pills

Human Rights First Celebrates Block of Title 42 Ban

Over 100 groups decry linking Venezuelan parole plan to Title 42

Human Rights First Welcomes Safe Pathway for Venezuelans, Expresses Grave Concerns about Potential Expanded Use of Title 42

Rights of Asylum Seekers Put on Hold Again

Human Rights First Welcomes Recission of Trump-era Metering Directives, Calls for Asylum to Be Upheld


Human Rights First: Extended Title 42 Order Continues Trump’s Cruel, Baseless Policy, Endangers People Seeking Asylum

New Report of Increasing Dangers Asylum Seekers Face as Biden Defends Use of Title 42 and Restarts MPP

Human Rights First Calls on Biden Administration to Uphold the Law & End Title 42 Expulsions

New Report Finds Biden Administration’s Embrace of Title 42 Expulsions Leading to Human Rights Travesty

Human Rights First: New Title 42 Order Continues Harmful Policy, Puts Asylum Seekers at Risk in Mexico

Human Rights First Leads Over 240 Organizations Calling on the Biden Administration to End Trump-Era Policies and Restart Asylum

After Appeals Court Stay, Human Rights First Renews Call for Biden Administration to End Trump Expulsion Policy

Human Rights First and 38 Human and Civil Rights Leaders Tell President Biden: “Your Administration Stands at a Precipice”

Human Rights First Calls on Biden Administration to Prioritize Asylum Seekers and Human Rights in Harris Trip

Human Rights First Concerned Biden Plan Risks New “Rocket Dockets” When It Should End Trump Asylum Policies

New Report Finds Continued Use of Illegal Trump Border Policy Endangers Asylum Seekers

Biden Administration’s One Year Anniversary: Suffering Inflicted by Border Policy Hits New Record


Humanitarian Disgrace: Human Rights First Blasts Ongoing Human Rights Abuses in U.S. Policies Targeting Asylum Seekers

Human Rights Groups Urge Administration to Restore Legally-Required Humanitarian Protections at U.S. Border

As of December 2022, Human Rights First tracked over 13,480 reports of murder, torture, kidnapping, rape, and other violent attacks on migrants and asylum seekers blocked in or expelled to Mexico under Title 42 since President Biden took office.
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