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When Afghanistan fell to the Taliban after twenty years of war, thousands of Afghans who worked all across civil society were put at grave risk.

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We are working with allies to help at-risk Afghans relocate from Afghanistan and advocating for legislation -- like the Afghan Adjustment Act -- to help permanently resettle our Afghan friends in the United States.

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Our efforts include Project: Afghan Legal Assistance (PALA), where attorneys can help with legal resettlement issues, and the Evacuate Our Allies coalition, which advocates for protections for at-risk Afghans around the world.

Afghan Resettlement

Steps to Protect Your Online Identity from the Taliban: Digital History and Evading Biometrics Abuses

Evading the Misuse of Biometric Data We understand that the Taliban is now likely to have access to various biometric databases and equipment in Afghanistan, including some left behind by…

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Systemic Injustice

Lawyers for Afghans In Need

To learn more about providing pro bono legal assistance to relocated Afghans, please click “take action” at left. Read More


Systemic Injustice

Interpreters for Afghans In Need

To volunteer as a Dari or Pashto interpreter or translator for relocated Afghans in need of legal assistance, please click “Take Action” at left. Read More


We Left Our Afghan Allies for Dead. A Former Interpreter and Marine Are Bringing Them Back

Haseeb always kept an extra bullet for himself. Alone, and in the middle of the desert, he remembered the bullet. When a car pulled in front of his taxi, he…


Human Rights First Urges Support for Afghan Allies In FY2022 Continuing Resolution

Washington — As Congress considers a Continuing Resolution for fiscal year 2022, Human Rights First today joined veteran, human rights, and refugee organizations in urging Congress to meet the country’s…


Human Rights First Calls For Full Evacuation of All Afghan Allies, Green Card Holders, & Americans Before the US Ends Mission

The President’s arbitrary timetable harms allies, veterans, and human rights WASHINGTON — In response to President Biden’s announcement today that the United States will withdraw from Afghanistan by its August…


Veteran Groups Call on President Biden to Swiftly and Safely Evacuate Afghan Allies

NEW YORK — Veterans for American Ideals (VFAI) today released a letter from fifteen veteran-led organizations calling on President Biden to swiftly evacuate the over 17,000 Afghans in the Special…


Systemic Injustice

Project: Afghan Legal Assistance


The Long Tail of Afghan Relocation and Resettlement – Evacuate Our Allies Report

The Evacuate Our Allies (EOA) Coalition was formed in the wake of President Biden’s announcement of the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan in April 2021. Its mission is two-fold:…