Nabeel Rajab – Global Week of Action: March 21 – 28

Prominent Bahraini human rights defender Nabeel Rajab, a leader in the ongoing pro-democracy struggle, is in prison serving out a two-year sentence for allegedly inciting “illegal gatherings” on Twitter. Rajab is the the Director of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights (BCHR).

This week, pro-democracy activist Jihan Kazerooni and others have organized the Global Week of Action to raise awareness for Nabeel Rajab and other political prisoners in Bahrain. The effort will include peaceful rallies around the world and a social media push using videos, photos, Twitter, Facebook and the participation of prominent musicians and public figures who are willing to publicize Nabeel’s unjust imprisonment and the plight of political prisoners in Bahrain.

You can also join the Global Week of Action by calling for Nabeel’s release and the release of all others unjustly jailed in Bahraini. By doing so, you are acting in support of the basic human rights of peaceful assembly and freedom of speech. Demonstrations were organized in Washington, DC on March 22 and in London, Cairo, Paris, and Kuwait, on March 23. Dublin is holding an Awareness Day for Nabeel Rajab. Click here for more information about actions in your city.

Human Rights First has closely monitored Nabeel’s case and advocated on his behalf. As Human Rights First’s Brian Dooley has said, “Nabeel Rajab should be immediately released from prison. Human Right First considers his conviction to be politically-motivated and a denial of his freedom of expression. He should be released immediately and the conviction quashed. He should be allowed to go about his activities as a human rights defender without being harassed or jailed by the authorities.  If Bahrain keeps jailing peaceful voices like Nabeel, it will soon find only the violent ones will be left. It’s time to allow peaceful dissent and stop these prosecutions and convictions.”

To help free Nabeel, join Human Rights First and other human rights defenders and organizations around the world in taking action!


Published on March 22, 2013


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