Iran Sanctions

The U.S. government (USG) maintains several sanctions authorities under which it can target persons involved in human rights abuses and corruption in Iran. The most relevant programs are what this paper refers to as the Iran Human Rights, the Iran Human Rights & Information Technology, the CAATSA, the Iran Sanctions Reimposition, and the Iran Supreme Leader’s Office programs.

Collectively, these programs authorize targeted sanctions for an array of Iran-related human rights abuses. The scope of sanctionable abuses under these programs extends beyond the “serious human rights abuse” standard of the Global Magnitsky program. Unlike the Global Magnitsky criteria, some of these programs also target abuses that do not necessarily involve physical violence or restraint of liberty, such as those committed via information technology. Some of these programs also enable sanctions for a limited set of corrupt acts.

These sanctions are distinct from the more sweeping comprehensive sanctions the U.S. government has imposed on Iran.

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Fact Sheets

Published on May 23, 2024


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