Human Rights First Submits Statement Calling for Nonpartisan Inquiry into Post 9/11 Abuses

Today Human Rights First submitted a statement for the record to the Senate Judiciary Committee calling for the establishment of an independent commission to examine post-9/11 abuses, including abusive detention and interrogation practices, and their consequences for national security. The Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing this morning on “Getting to the Truth through a Nonpartisan Commission of Inquiry” to consider the proposal. In the submitted statement, Elisa Massimino, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of Human Rights First asserts: “Work remains to be done to ensure that this administration and future administrations do not repeat past mistakes. Providing policymakers and the public with a clear picture of past policies and practices and their consequences for national security is essential to inoculate against future abuses and to inform responsible forward looking policies.” To read the full statement Click Here. In October 2008, Human Rights First released a blueprint How to End Torture and Cruel Treatment recommending that President Obama support the establishment of a nonpartisan commission, modeled on the 9/11 Commission, to examine the facts and circumstances relating to U.S. government detention and interrogation operations since September 11, 2001; assess the strategic impact of these operations; identify lessons learned; make recommendations to avoid future abuses; and make its findings public.


Published on March 4, 2009


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