A Proxy War: Attacks on Diversity in the Military Target American Civil Rights

Summary: The far-right extremist campaign to dismantle diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)[1] in the U.S. military is a proxy for their broader efforts to roll back civil rights in the United States. This campaign mainstreams disinformation about DEI, undermining the strength of the military and American democracy.

Why the Military’s DEI Initiatives Are Under Attack

The antidemocratic far-right extremist movement’s battle to remove DEI initiatives from the military furthers its broader attacks on inclusive policies in American society.[2] The movement mainstreams disinformation, perpetuating the idea that diversity harms American troops—and therefore all of America—despite the Department of Defense’s (DoD) stated support for DEI.

Fact Sheets


  • Elizabeth Yates
  • Erin E. Wilson
  • Hanah Stiverson

Published on August 17, 2023


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