Kennji Kizuka

Associate Director, Research & Analysis, Refugee Protection

As Associate Director of Research & Analysis for Refugee Protection, Kennji supports Human Rights First’s efforts to promote the protection of refugees, reform U.S. asylum law, policies and practices, and bring other U.S. immigration policies and practices into line with international refugee protection and human rights law standards. At Human Rights First, he previously served as a Senior Researcher and Policy Analyst for Refugee Protection and an Immigrant Justice Corps Justice Fellow on the Refugee Representation team.


Kennji clerked for the Honorable Rosemary S. Pooler on the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. He received a juris doctor degree, Order of the Coif, from the UC Berkeley School of Law, and holds a Master’s Degree in public affairs from the School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University. He graduated magna cum laude from the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University.

Recent Articles:

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