Welcoming Extension and Redesignation of Temporary Protected Status for Afghanistan

Human Rights First continues to advocate for permanent safety for Afghans in the U.S. through an Adjustment Act 

WASHINGTON – Today, the Biden administration extended and redesignated Afghanistan for Temporary Protected Status (TPS), allowing Afghan nationals who already benefit from the initial 2022 TPS decision to re-register for an additional 18 months of protection and work authorization, and allowing an estimated 14,600 recently arrived Afghans to apply for TPS for the first time. 

Human Rights First applauds these steps to provide protection and security to Afghans who are in the United States, and continues our calls for Congress to pass the Afghan Adjustment Act, which would provide this population a stable status and permanent home in the relative safety of the United States.   

“The Biden administration’s redesignation of Temporary Protected Status for Afghans honors our commitment to our allies, and is a welcome step,” said Chris Purdy, Director of Human Rights First’s Veterans for American Ideals and Outreach. “While we celebrate this act of protection for Afghans, we know that they cannot rely on temporary measures to build their lives in the United States. Congress needs to finish the job and give our Afghan allies the permanency they deserve by passing the Afghan Adjustment Act.”

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) initially designated Afghanistan for TPS on May 20, 2022. The Federal Register notice of extension and redesignation of TPS, scheduled for publication on September 25, 2023, will provide detailed information on when Afghans can apply or re-apply for TPS. 

In light of this determination and conditions in Afghanistan, DHS should ensure that Afghans arriving via the southern U.S. border are not criminally prosecuted, nor placed in expedited removal, and are released swiftly from DHS custody. And while the protections provided by TPS’ extension and redesignation provide Afghans temporary stability, permanent protections demand action from Congress. To that end, Human Rights First and our allies continue to advocate for the passage of the Afghan Adjustment Act.


Published on September 21, 2023


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