We Heart Petraeus

Adam Serwer, in the American Prospect blog, highlighted Elisa Massimino’s statement yesterday in his post “Human Rights First Hearts Petraeus,” pointing out that it’s not as unlikely as you would think–Petraeus has always been on record opposing torture.

Human Right First hearts all military leaders who take a stand for national security and not a degradation of our values through torture, Guantanamo, and military commissions for terrorism suspects, and has been working for years to help them get their message out. In fact, Elisa Massimino was awarded last night by the Center for Victims of Torture for our work with a distinguished group of retired military leaders opposing torture, who met with Presidential candidates in 2007/8 and stood behind President Obama when he signed the executive order ending abusive interrogations.

Massimino’s statement also outlined recommendations for U.S. forces in Afghanistan. We’ll be monitoring Petraeus’s confirmation hearing on Tuesday, live on Twitter @humanrights1st and blogging after.


Published on June 25, 2010


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