Virtual Reality Video Takes Audience to the Border with Asylum Seekers

A year into the Trump Administration’s fearmongering campaign and harsh crackdown on asylum seekers, Part one of our two-part video series sheds light on the humanity many have lost sight of—the untold stories of the mothers, fathers, and children who have risked their lives in search of the most basic human necessity: safety.

Crossing The Line, an immersive 360 video project, brings viewers face to face with the refugee crisis happening right at our doorstep, along the United States’ southern border with Mexico.

RYOT Studio and Human Rights First met with asylum seekers at the border to capture true stories of what’s at stake when America abandons its promise to protect the world’s most vulnerable.

Jose, a young father, was forced to flee Honduras after local gang members threatened him and his son. Frederic fled the Democratic Republic of Congo after militants came to his home, shot his daughter, and raped his wife. Desperate for safety, Jose and Frederic made the dangerous journey to Mexico, hoping that they would find refuge from persecution after asking for asylum in the United States.

These are their stories.

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Published on March 20, 2018


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