Up to Us to End Torture

In today’s Village Voice, Nat Hentoff suggest sending Leave No Marks, the joint Human Rights first and Physicians for Human Rights Report that shows how the Bush Administrations so-called “enhanced” interrogations techniques are tantamount to torture to the Justices on the Supreme Court. He finishes his piece by asking the questions we at Elect to End Torture ’08 are asking.

If the conscience of a majority on the Roberts Court isn’t shocked by what we’ve
done to our prisoners, then it will be up to the next president and the next Congress—and, therefore, up to us—to alter, in some respects, how history will judge us. But do you see any considerable signs, among average Americans, of the conscience being shocked? How about the presidential candidates of both parties?

The report Hentoff mentions, Leave No Marks, is online here.


Published on August 29, 2007


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