UN Anti-Torture Experts Urge United States to Stop Illegal Conduct

Human Rights First welcomes the publication of a report by the Committee Against Torture on the United States’ compliance with the Convention Against Torture.

The UN Committee expressed serious concerns about a range of U.S. practices including secret detentions, lack of clear standards and guidance for interrogation and detentions, and the assertion that certain provisions of the Convention Against Torture do not apply outside of U.S. territory.  These practices of the United States violate core international standards.

“What is most striking is how severely U.S. detention and interrogation policies and practices have damaged efforts to protect human rights around the world,” said Gabor Rona, Human Rights First’s International Legal Director.

Human Rights First urges the United States government to take heed of the Committee’s recommendations. As a starting place the United States must take immediate steps to implement the McCain Amendment. This means adopting a single clear interrogation standard for all U.S. officials that clearly prohibits all forms of cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment of anyone in U.S. custody, anywhere in the world.


Published on May 19, 2006


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