U.N. Human Rights Council – Recent Resolution on Rights Violations in Lebanon Condemns Israel But Fails to Mention Hezbollah

NEW YORK – Human Rights First is deeply disappointed by the results of the recent special session of the U.N. Human Rights Council. On August 11 the Council adopted a resolution which condemned violations of international human rights and humanitarian law by the Government of Israel in Lebanon. The resolution failed to make any mention of violations by Hezbollah. The resolution established a commission of inquiry to investigate abuses by Israel. It’s mandate does not include any investigation into violations by Hezbollah in the recent conflict.

The U.N. General Assembly resolution establishing the Human Rights Council mandates that its work “shall be guided by the principles of universality, impartiality, objectivity and non-selectivity.” “By addressing violations by Israel but not those committed by Hezbollah, the Human Rights Council has failed to respect its mandate in its consideration of the recent conflict in Lebanon” , said Gabor Rona, International Legal Director of Human Rights First.


Published on August 22, 2006


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