Two year anniversary of withdrawal

Afghanistan Impact Report

Since the announcement of the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan in April 2021, Human Rights First has led civil society’s efforts to evacuate, resettle, and protect our Afghan allies and other at-risk Afghans. Over the last two and a half years, Human Rights First has undertaken an organization-wide effort to provide legal assistance, pass legislation, set administrative priorities, and move the culture to welcome Afghans.

Moving into the third year of this endeavor, Human Rights First continues to help lead and coordinate Evacuate Our Allies, a coalition of Afghan American organizations, veterans groups, refugee resettlement organizations, legal services providers, human rights organizations, law firms, and individual volunteers, all focused on the relocation and resettlement of Afghans in the United States. This work encompasses all aspects of efforts to support Afghans seeking safety in the United States, including legal and social services, family reunification, and access to ongoing relocation.



Published on August 30, 2023


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