Trump’s National Security Speech Demonizes Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Washington, D.C.—Following the release of President Trump’s National Security Strategy, Human Rights First’s Jennifer Quigley issued the following statement:

“President Trump’s ominous speech referred to the threats posed by ‘open borders.’ But for many, the long, arduous journey to protection in the United States is anything but easy. Demonizing those who have fled violence and persecution, tearing families apart, and undermining our immigration system does nothing to make this country safer.

“The United States has developed rigorous interagency procedures to vet and screen asylum seekers and refugees—widely recognized as the most stringent in the world by national security and military leaders. Banning these individuals from our country contradicts American values, undermines American leadership, and threatens American security.

“If President Trump wants to show how strong America is, he should stop being afraid of the world’s most vulnerable people.”


Published on December 18, 2017


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