Supreme Court Decision on Trump Administration’s Travel Ban

Washington, D.C.In response to today’s Supreme Court decision on the Trump Administration’s travel ban, Human Rights First’s Eleanor Acer issued the following statement:

“We welcome the Supreme Court’s acknowledgment that grandparents and nieces and nephews are vital parts of family relationships. For many refugees stranded in life-threatening conditions, these individuals may be the only family they have left. We now call on the Trump Administration to abandon the rest of their cruel and disgraceful policy that leaves nearly 26,000 refugees who have already been fully vetted stranded in difficult and dangerous situations abroad. These refugees are now at an increased risk of violence as they await resettlement, including LGBT refugees who often face continued persecution in their country of first asylum and Iraqis and their families who served the U.S. military, government, contractors, NGOs, and media, and are now in danger due to that service. ”


Published on July 19, 2017


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