Support for the bipartisan, bicameral “Protecting Human Rights During Pandemic Act”

June 8, 2020

As non-governmental organizations that work to protect human rights and rule of law-based governance, we write to express our support for the bipartisan, bicameral Protecting Human Rights During Pandemic Act (PHRDPA) (S. 3819 / H.R. 6986). The PHRDPA would enable the U.S. government to take meaningful action in the face of egregious laws and policies enacted by some foreign governments to centralize power, censor their citizens, and otherwise curb human rights and fundamental freedoms under the guise of addressing the coronavirus pandemic. Given the strong bipartisan support demonstrated by the PHRDPA’s list of initial cosponsors, we respectfully urge that you move to mark up this important bill, and urge floor passage as soon as practicable.


Published on June 8, 2020


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