Senator Inhofe’s Scare Tactics

In a town hall meeting in Oklahoma yesterday, Senator Jim Inhofe made a number of misguided remarks about Guantánamo, suggesting that closing the prison will mean “turning terrorists loose in America.”

Help us set the Senator straight – send him a message today to let him know that our courts have a proven track record of prosecuting terrorism cases. And that none of the convicted terrorists currently being held in our prisons have ever escaped. Closing Guantánamo and prosecuting detainees suspected of crimes in regular federal courts is the most efficient and safest plan to get out of the Guantánamo mess.

“Every institution that has made this country the greatest nation in the world is under attack,” the Senator claimed. What about our courts, Mr. Senator? And our commitment to the rule of law?

Help us fight back – these scare-tactics are not advancing the debate.


Published on September 4, 2009


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