Retired Military Leaders Speak Out in Favor of Guantanamo Closure in meetings organized by Human Rights First

Yesterday Human Rights First organized a panel on Capitol Hill with retired military leaders to discuss the national security interests of closing the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay. They also met with Attorney General Eric Holder to oppose a system of prolonged detention.

Amidst the din of dissenting voices from media, lawmakers, and the public, these retired admirals and generals said loud and clear that they support President Obama’s decision to close Guantanamo, encouraging “responsible leadership” and denouncing “the politics of fear” around the issue. These meetings are part of Human Rights First’s broader campaign to ensure Guantanamo is closed. Read more about our Protecting America Post-Guantanamo campaign.

The event and meeting was covered widely in the press. A roundup of stories includes the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journalthe Washington IndependentReutersWashington Times, a second Washington Independent article.

The military leaders also pushed back on the Dick and Liz Cheney’s scaremongering and “nonsense” arguments, as reported in Politico, and echoed in the Huffington Post and Weekly Standard.


Published on September 30, 2009


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