Republican Senators Denounce Minority Report on Torture

As members of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence haggle with the administration over redactions to its landmark report on CIA torture, two powerful GOP Senators are taking a strong stand in defense of the report—and against torture.

A few GOP members of the committee will issue a minority opinion reportedly claiming that torture produced valuable intelligence. But their colleagues John McCain and Lindsey Graham aren’t buying it.

McCain stated, “The Minority Report will say that certain information was gained. First of all, I reject those on their face. But second of all, even if there was some truth in it, the damage done to the United States of America’s reputation in incalculable.”

According to Graham, in torturing detainees we “violated … the spirit of who we are.” He continued, “There’s not a shortage of people who [will] cut your head off in the world; there’s a shortage of people who will stand up, even in difficult times, for the right thing.”

Both Senators hit on facts that professional interrogatorsmilitary leaders, and legal experts have emphasized time and again: torture is counterproductive, un-American, and just plain wrong. Take a few minutes to watch their full statements. As torture defenders churn out the same old lies, it’s heartening to see strong bipartisan support for showing Americans the truth on torture.


Published on August 6, 2014


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