Power Confirmed as U.N. Ambassador

Washington, D.C. – Human Rights First congratulates newly-confirmed Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power and looks forward to working with her as she begins her important work at the U.N. Ambassador Power’s confirmation should be seen as a reflection of her lifelong commitment to American values and human rights.

“During Ambassador Power’s confirmation hearing, she  laid out a comprehensive vision for U.S. policy that has human rights at the center and lives up to our nation’s values,” said Human Rights First’s Robyn Lieberman. “During her time at the White House, Power spearheaded initiatives to tackle some of the most vexing human rights challenges of our time, including atrocity prevention and the role of women in achieving peace and security. We expect her work at the United Nations will build on this impressive record and strengthen the capacity of our nation to lead on human rights. We look forward to working with Ambassador Power as she advances U.S. foreign policy that has human rights at the center.”


Published on August 1, 2013


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