Poll on the U.S. Asylum and Refugee Systems

Few voters in targeted congressional districts and in both New Hampshire and South Carolina believe the country’s asylum and refugee system is “working well” as it is, instead, voters view the system as in need of reform to better protect refugees and those seeking asylum. Voters across nearly every major demographic, including party and ideological lines, believe the asylum and refugee system needs to be improved and strengthened.

Further, there’s deep support from voters in targeted congressional districts and these two states for policy proposals to improve and strengthen the nation’s asylum and refugee system – including increasing the number of judges who serve on immigration courts, increasing funding for resettlement programs, increasing funding and resources to conduct more timely interviews, and increasing the use of alternatives to jails and detention facilities for asylum seekers.

Finally, a Member of Congress stands to benefit electorally from being viewed as an advocate for improving and strengthening the country’s asylum and refugee system – especially among the key target demographic of Independent women in the upcoming 2016 elections.

Published on March 27, 2015


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