Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Try terror suspects in civilian courts: Al-Qaida types are criminals; we should not accord them the status of warriors

Op-ed by Retired Marines Generals Charles C. Krulak and Joseph P. Hoar.
Pennsylvania’s primary election captured the nation’s attention as a bellwether for November’s midterm vote. For months, candidates sparred about health care and jobs, bailouts and balanced budgets. This week, we are in Pennsylvania to meet with a bipartisan group of congressional candidates to ensure that another important issue is not overlooked this election year: national security.

Recent knee-jerk reactions by some lawmakers to events like the Time Square bombing attempt are part of a dangerous trend to use fear to try to circumvent our nation’s core principles and laws. How the United States holds enemy prisoners in our custody, how we treat them, how we gain intelligence from them, and how we try them are serious issues that deserve serious consideration. We must be wary of those who use these issues for political gain, or who hold a finger to the wind of shifting public opinion.


Published on June 1, 2010


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