NGOs Targeted by Egyptian Military Forces

New York City – Human Rights First condemns today’s Egyptian security forces raids on six human rights and democracy promotion organizations in Cairo. Reports from Egypt suggest that the raids are related to an investigation into foreign funding of Egyptian civil society groups. Among the targets is the U.S. National Democratic Institute, a group founded by former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. Following today’s news, Human Rights First’s Neil Hicks issued the following statement: “These raids are part of an escalating attack against independent civil society organizations in Egypt by the ruling military junta. For democracy and human rights to advance in Egypt, it is essential that independent organizations that operate non-violently to promote human rights and democracy be free to carry out this essential work. The Egyptian authorities should stop their interference and harassment of independent NGOs. The U.S. government should publicly condemn these raids, which are an indicator or mounting hostility to democracy and human rights from Egypt’s rulers.”


Published on December 29, 2011


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