Human Rights First Calls for Release of Kavanaugh Documents

Washington, D.C.In response to questions regarding Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s potential involvement in issues such as the torture of detainees held in U.S. custody or other controversial national security policy issues during the administration of former president George W. Bush, Human Rights First today called for a complete and comprehensive disclosure of all records involving Kavanaugh from his time serving in the White House.

“There are important questions about whether and to what extent Brett Kavanaugh may have had knowledge of or played some role in the development of controversial and unlawful policies such as those relating to the torture of detainees held in U.S. custody,” said Human Rights First’s Raha Wala. “It is critical that the Senate gain access to any and all records that could shed light on Kavanaugh’s role in, and views on, these issues.”

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) has the power to request release of the documents from the George W. Bush presidential library and the Trump Administration.

During his 2006 confirmation hearing to become a U.S. Court of Appeals judge, Brett Kavanaugh stated that he had no knowledge of the Bush Administration’s torture policies. Documents and reporting now suggest that at minimum Kavanaugh was aware of the administration’s interrogation policies and was substantively involved in policy discussions and debates regarding the legal rights of Guantanamo Bay detainees.

“Understanding what role, if any, Kavanaugh played in developing these controversial policies and what his views were at the time is essential to understanding Kavanuagh’s potential impact on the United States Supreme Court,” added Wala. “The Senate should insist on gaining full access to all records so that it can properly fulfill its responsibility to provide advice and consent on this nominee.”


Published on August 7, 2018


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