Human Rights First Applauds U.S. Army’s Move to Rename Bases Named After Confederate Leaders

WASHINGTON – In response to the Army announcing its openness to renaming bases named after Confederate military leaders, Human Rights First’s Mike Breen issued this statement:

“Who we choose to memorialize says a great deal about what values we honor. The Army’s announcement that it will consider renaming bases currently bearing the names of Confederate leaders is welcome and overdue, because symbols matter. I urge swift action to change the names of these ten installations. As a country, we should celebrate those who fought for freedom and justice, rather than those who led the effort to tear it apart. The Army’s openness to change speaks to the United States military’s place for over a generation at the forefront of social change on issues of race, gender, and equity. At the same time, we must recognize that the struggle for Black lives is ongoing in the military and throughout our society, and support those leading the charge for change.”


Published on June 9, 2020


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