Guantanamo Harms U.S. National Security

Yesterday, National Intelligence Director Dennis Blair told the House Intelligence Committee that the detention center at the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, has to be closed because of the damage it has done to America’s reputation and to its ability to achieve foreign policy goals. “Countries won’t deal with us. Our popularity’s down. We don’t have blue chips to trade,” said Blair.

Attorney General Eric Holder, who visited the detention center on Monday, said the facility should be closed even though it’s well-run and professional. “It does not in any way decrease our determination to close the facility, even though … it is being well-run now.”

Top officials agree: Guantanamo must be closed because it harms the United States. It has damaged our reputation, imperiled our foreign policy, and thus put the country (and our troops) at increased risk.


Published on February 26, 2009


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