Asylum Case Analyzer

Working with the Lambda School, Human Rights First is building a data science tool that will assist our refugee representation team by extracting insights from existing asylum case files to understand the power of arguments made to specific immigration court judges so our lawyers can better craft cases that earn their clients asylum.

Digital Shield

We are building a platform to provide human rights defenders with information to defend themselves from harassment and threats on social media. Digital Shield is based on the same underlying technology behind Extremist Explorer, collecting data from a variety of social media sites, forums and chatrooms, and algorithmically identifies violent hate speech there.

Digital Surveillance and History

With 2020’s national security law threatening the basic rights of Hong Kong’s people, Human Rights First published in both English and Mandarin short guides to help human rights activists erase their digital histories and avoid digital surveillance.

Thwarting digital surveillance

Deleteing digital history

Published on March 9, 2021


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