Dallas Marine veteran believes that Texas poll workers hold the key to our democratic ideals

As a crew chief in the Marine Corps, mission success depended on trust. We needed to trust the pilots to fly the plane and trust the mechanics to run their checklists to ensure a safe aircraft. I trusted each of my fellow Marines to do their part, and in turn knew I must uphold my responsibilities too. When I left active duty, I continued my service to my nation through Teach for America, directly serving those communities that needed it the most.

It is the same commitment to teamwork, personal responsibility, and national service that inspired me to sign up to serve as a poll worker on election day in November. I see that my country is under threat from COVID-19, a shortage of poll workers, and the spread of misinformation by enemies foreign and domestic. I know that it’s time for me to step up and serve, to help mitigate these threats and ensure a safe, secure, and smooth electoral process this year. The stakes are that high.

I call on my fellow veterans to join me in this effort.

We know how to step up during times of crisis. We know how to serve our communities and uphold the promises of the Constitution. We also know how to don a mask, direct a line, and exercise good hygiene practices – all critical skills for this particular election season. Which is why we’re the perfect community to step up and step in for poll workers who are typically over the age of 65 and thus more susceptible to the dangerous effects of COVID-19.

We’re also trusted by our fellow citizens. Polls routinely show that the military enjoys some of the highest levels of trust of any of our institutions. Just like during flight missions in Iraq, we can earn that trust by ensuring free and fair democratic elections. We can safeguard the electoral institution and ensure that the voice of the people is heard.

Texas is expecting record voter turnout this year, with 16.95 million registered voters in the Lone Star State with long lines already impacting early voting in areas. Fully staffed and trained poll centers can help move these lines through the process, encouraging every Texan to exercise their constitutional right to vote and help mitigate the spread of COVID-19. As we say in the military, slow is smooth and smooth and fast. Poll workers can help smooth election day.

All around me, I see that people are afraid. They’re afraid of a dangerous disease that’s affecting the global community. They’re afraid of growing political divisions and hostilities, and they’re afraid that their vote won’t matter. Serving as a poll worker, I can help calm those fears, and you can too. Together we can offer stability and comfort to our communities by providing peace and security to our polling places. So, join me, by signing up to serve as a poll worker in your district.  Do your part in protecting this nation for generations to come.

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Published on July 20, 2021


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