Our Work in Northern Ireland

Monitoring Attacks on Human Rights Defenders

Since the 1980s, Human Rights First has collaborated with Human Rights Defenders and various groups in Northern Ireland. Our efforts have involved monitoring attacks on human rights lawyers in the region, and we remain dedicated to advocating for enhanced safeguards to support their invaluable work.

Human Rights First is involved in a major international project investigating impunity during the 1969-1998 conflict and anticipates publishing its findings by the end of 2023.

Accountability for Human Rights Violations

We have partnered with local and international NGOs to demand accountability for human rights violations that occurred during the 1969-1998 conflict. Human Rights First conducts firsthand research in Northern Ireland and publishes reports and other documents based on that work.

Our Work

Recent Events

Our recent webinar led by our Senior Advisor Brian Dooley with the Pat Finucane Centre, which is working to bring a non-violent resolution to the conflict in Northern Ireland.

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