TODAY: Urge the Senate to Vote for Refugees

Survivors of genocide. Victims of torture. Women fleeing the threat of honor killings. Former political prisoners. Minorities targeted because of their race, religion, or sexual orientation. A core American value is to welcome these vulnerable people in our country, not turn them away.

Today your Senators will vote on the immigration bill.  This bill strengthens the American tradition of protecting the persecuted by including much needed reforms to the U.S. asylum and refugee programs. We need your help to ensure that it passes.

Click on your state below and tweet to your Senators. Urge them to vote for the immigration bill. 

The bill being voted on in the Senate this afternoon includes common sense reforms to the asylum and refugee systems, including:

  • The elimination of the unfair and wasteful asylum filing deadline bar;
  • Better protections to keep refugee families intact;
  • Protections for stateless persons in the U.S.; Improved access to counsel for vulnerable populations;
  • A strengthened lifeline for immigrants in detention with the expansion of the cost-efficient Legal Orientation Program;
  • Increased reliance alternatives to detention that save money and are more humane.

The Senate has the opportunity to update our laws to better reflect American values and human rights standards. Click on your state below and tweet to your Senators. Urge them to vote for the immigration bill. 

Sample tweet: @YourSenators: Protect refugees by voting for the #immigration bill #endthedeadline

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Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland
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Published on June 27, 2013


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