Military Commissions Recommence

Military commission hearings began again today in Guantanamo, despite continuing debate over where detainees’ trials should be held, and over the Manual of Military Commission Procedures.

A Miami Herald article describes the hearing held this morning in the case of Noor Uthman Mohammed, which took place in a high-tech compound that had been designed for the trials of Khalid Sheikh Muhammed and other 9/11 suspects:

After New York officials objected to holding the 9/11 trial in lower Manhattan,
the White House announced that it would reconsider the decision. It remains
unclear where and in what forum Muhammed and the other alleged plotters will
face charges.

That indecision will be on display as the court convenes Noor’s case in the maximum security, $12 million Expeditionary Legal Complex that the Bush administration built for the accused 9/11 conspirators.

Human Rights First’s Daphne Eviatar is on the ground in Guantanamo monitoring – stay tuned for updates.


Published on April 7, 2010


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