Human Rights First Responds to Arrest of Leading Bahraini Dissident Ebrahim Sharif

Washington, D.C. – Human Rights First is alarmed at news that leading Bahraini opposition figure Ebrahim Sharif has been arrested today, apparently for a series of social media posts criticizing the Bahraini government and its participation in a coalition led by the United States in the Gulf of Aden.

“Sharif has a strong international reputation as a peaceful voice of dissent, and his arrest is another intimidating act against anyone who criticizes the ruling family,” said Brian Dooley, Senior Advisor at Human Rights First. “We have documented for many years how the Bahraini authorities have targeted Sharif and other opposition leaders, and how Washington’s response has too often been muted. The Biden administration should immediately and publicly call for any charges against him for these posts to be dropped.”

Human Rights First has documented human rights violations in Bahrain since the 2011 uprising and recommended how the United States government should be more vocal in its criticism of abuses by its military ally and unelected dictatorship in Bahrain.


Published on December 20, 2023


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