Human Rights First Condemns Alleged Corrupt Menendez Scheme, Calls for End to Egypt Military Aid

WASHINGTON: Human Rights First today condemned the alleged bribery scheme for which Senator Bob Menendez and individuals with various links to the Egyptian government have been criminally indicted. In response to the allegations, Human Rights First calls for the Biden administration and Congress to cease military financing to Egypt.

“Like many of the governments that receive U.S. arms sales and other security assistance, Egypt is a dictatorship. It is vital that those who oversee U.S. relationships with abusive governments like these not be compromised by one of them,” said Michael Breen, President and CEO of Human Rights First. “Given what we know, Senator Menendez cannot remain in a position of responsibility over these matters.

“Human Rights First has documented how the Egyptian government tortures and jails the country’s human rights activists for many years. We’ve seen now that Egyptian authorities are willing to go to extraordinary lengths to evade U.S. congressional scrutiny rather than simply make reforms.

“Congress should immediately stop the flow of military financing to the Egyptian government, which has only itself to blame for jeopardizing its relationship with the United States. The U.S. government has tolerated years of human rights abuses in Egypt over several U.S. administrations. It should respond to last week’s revelations by changing its posture toward a so-called partner that is not friendly toward American interests or institutions.”


Published on September 26, 2023


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