Human Rights First Announces Call for Nominations for Beacon Award

Washington, DC – Human Rights First today announced a call for nominations for its 2012 Beacon Award to recognize an individual or organization whose work embodies the best in the tradition of American leadership on human rights.

Human Rights First’s newly established Beacon Prize echoes the calls of leaders who say the United States is a beacon for those seeking freedom.  The Beacon Prize invokes this description as a challenge: that beacon shines brightest when the United States leads by example and its actions match its ideals. The Beacon Prize celebrates people and organizations whose actions to promote human rights have brought the United States closer to this ideal.

The Beacon prize is open to American citizens, residents, and companies or organizations with headquarters in the United States. Members of government, the U.S. Military, the legal profession, or civil society organizations, as well as American business leaders and members of the media are eligible for the award. To qualify, their work must have had a positive impact on human rights internationally.  The award will be presented at Human Rights First’s annual summit on December 5 in Washington, DC.

Please click here for the nomination form.


Published on August 10, 2012


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