David Danzig in Huffington Post, from Guantanamo

Check out David Danzig’s latest Huffington Post piece – from Guantanamo. David was in Guantanamo to witness the military commissions proceedings happening there last week.

In this piece, he imagines what it would be like to take on the task of Richard Federico, the Navy Lieutenant charged with defending Mohammed Kamin, whose trial he witnessed.

He concludes:

While the military commission system continues to prove to be a bad way to
provide anything that appears to be justice to the outside world, many of the
military defense attorneys continue to labor under this system in ways that are

It is people like Federico – who tirelessly fight for their ideals no
matter what the odds – that have made this country so great. It seems long past
time that we should start listening to him.


Published on July 20, 2009


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