U.S. Urged to Speak Out in Aftermath of Bahrain Mosque Burnings

Washington, DC – Today, Human Rights First expressed concern about reports that dozens of mosques and other religious property used by the Shia majority community in Bahrain are being destroyed by the authorities in the latest crackdown against protestors. “Bulldozing mosques will only inflame the tensions in Bahrain, not restore stability,” said Human Rights First’s Brian Dooley. “The attacks on Shia places of worship have triggered protest demonstrations in other parts of the Middle East, and these incidents will exacerbate Sunni-Shia tensions throughout the region. The US government’s silence on Bahrain is deafening.  If the Obama Administration wants to see human rights respected throughout the Middle East, it must speak out against the destruction of places of worship and the rest of the continuing repression in Bahrain.” According to Human Rights Fist, around 600 government critics have been detained in the last two months and at least four have died in police custody in April.


Published on April 27, 2011


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