U.S. Debt Relief for Egypt Praised

Washington, D.C. – As the Obama Administration nears completion of an agreement to provide Egypt with $1 billion in debt relief as part of an assistance package to support the nation’s transition to democracy, Human Rights First’s Neil Hicks issued the following statement: “Economic recovery is essential to any prospect Egypt has for a peaceful transition to democracy.  At this delicate time, when Egypt is emerging from over a year of political uncertainty and turmoil, the United States is right to offer debt relief and its support for substantial multilateral loans to the Egyptian government. “A prosperous, peaceful, democratic Egypt would be an important ally for the United States in a troubled region. U.S. policy should be focused on doing everything possible to bring about that outcome.  Support for much needed economic assistance to the Egyptian Government will better enable U.S. policy makers to encourage Egypt’s leaders to move forward with essential political reforms and vital measures that protect basic rights and freedoms for all Egyptians.”


Published on September 4, 2012


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