Trump-McConnell Bill Eviscerates Protection for Asylum Seekers

Washington, D.C.In response to today’s Supreme Court decision lifting injunctions that will allow the Trump Administration’s policy banning certain transgender people from the military to go into effect, Scott Cooper, founder of Veterans for American Ideals issued the following statement:

The Trump-McConnell bill is nothing more than a hateful anti-immigration wish list, designed to hold the nation hostage in exchange for extremely harmful policies that make a mockery of America’s ideals. The Senate must reject it.

This proposal does nothing to make the United States safer. Instead, it eviscerates protection for people fleeing for their lives, particularly children. The Trump-McConnell bill would return children to horrific violence, increase the incarceration of families, and create unnecessary and discriminatory bars to asylum.

This is not a compromise bill, it only compromises our nation’s values.


Published on January 22, 2019


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