Surge in Anti-Roma Violence

An NPR piece today highlights the growing problem of violent hate crime against the Roma in Eastern Europe.

The piece recalls a tragic case in Hungary:

The latest victim was single mother Maria Balogh, 45, and her 13-year-old
daughter Ketrin. In early August, the Baloghs were asleep in their house in
Kisleta, a quiet farming village in northeastern Hungary near the Ukrainian
border. An unknown number of armed men broke into their house and fired on the
women. Maria was killed, and her daughter remains hospitalized with critical

Human Rights First’s Paul Legendre wrote a piece in the Huffington Post a couple weeks ago on this case and the broader problem of increased violence against the Roma. He points out ways the Hungarian government can respond.

Human Rights First works with European institutions, local partners and governments on how to combat this trend with stronger hate crime laws and enforcement throughout Europe. Read our factsheet.


Published on September 2, 2009


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