Statement on Independence Day

New York City—In celebration of Independence Day, Human Rights First released the following statement:

Today we celebrate the freedom of our country: freedom from tyranny, freedom to worship and speak, freedom to love whomever we choose. But we must recognize that these values are not unique to Americans; there is a universal desire for freedom, for safety, and for human dignity. And so we pause to recognize the plight of those who face violence and persecution, and the difficult journey and conditions they endure on their path to refuge.

When our government abuses children, holds people in squalid conditions, and denies families fundamental rights, it is not just turning its back on these vulnerable individuals, it is turning its back on the very ideals on which our nation was founded.

So as we celebrate this weekend, we also recommit ourselves to the fight for all people who desire to live in freedom and safety.



Published on July 4, 2019


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