Secretary Nielsen Testifies Before the House Judiciary Committee: A Resource Guide

This morning’s House Judiciary Committee hearing will be a tough morning for current Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kristjen Nielsen. Following increasing reports of forced bottlenecks and turnbacks at the southern border and continued detention of families seeking asylum, the secretary has a lot to answer for, including the tragic death of a 7-year-old girl in government custody this past week. Sadly, thus far the secretary has obfuscated more than she has clarified what’s happening in her agency.

Yet we’ve been at the border documenting what’s happening.

For years Human Rights First has traveled to ports of entry, immigration detention centers, and court hearings to get the facts about the Trump Administration’s assault on the asylum system. So, during the hearing, when Secretary Nielsen faces the music for DHS’s actions at the southern border, turn to these reports and fact sheets to see if she’s owning up to the truth or if she’s sticking to her lies.

Asylum at the Southern Border: The Trump Administration is obstructing access to asylum at the border by turning back asylum seekers, limiting the number of asylum seekers that can apply per day, and claiming false capacity at ports of entry. These reports and fact sheets—compiled through fact-finding missions and with the knowledge of our expert—show what’s happening at the border and in the courts.

Report: Refugee Blockade: The Trump Administration’s Obstruction of Asylum Claims at the Border

Fact Sheet: CBP’s Figures on Credible Fear Claims—Out of Context and Inaccurate

Report: Crossing the Line: U.S. Border Agents Illegally Reject Asylum Seekers

Fact Sheet: OA v Trump: Challenging the Asylum Ban

Fact Sheet: Is Mexico Safe for Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Fact Sheet: President Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” Plan

Fact Sheet: Why do Some Asylum Seekers Cross the U.S. Southern Border Between Ports of Entry

Detention and Family Separation: The administration’s current policy is to lock up asylum seekers—including families with young children—in immigration detention centers. These jail-like facilities often exacerbate the trauma asylum seekers face and impede access to legal counsel. These resources show why the government needs to implement alternatives and how damaging detention truly is.

Fact Sheet: Family Incarceration Explained

Fact Sheet: The Flores Settlement and Family Incarceration – A Brief History of and Next Steps

Fact Sheet: The Effect of Family Detention on Children

Fact Sheet: Top Ten Reasons Family Incarceration is Not a Solution

Statement: ICE Announces New Policy to Detain Pregnant Women

Fact Sheet: Treatment of Children in Family Detention Centers

ReportZero-Tolerance Criminal Prosecutions – Punishing Asylum Seekers and Separating Families

Report: Violations at the Border- The El Paso Sector

AnalysisSeven-Year-Old Child Dies in CBP Custody: DHS Response Furthers Falsehoods


Published on December 20, 2018


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