Response to Amb. Bolton Remarks on International Criminal Court

Washington, D.C.— In response to National Security Advisor John Bolton’s announcement of policy toward the International Criminal Court, Human Rights First’s Senior Vice President for Policy Rob Berschinski issued the following statement:

Today Ambassador Bolton laid out a policy that will further alienate the United States from many of its closest allies, and that will harm ongoing efforts to achieve justice for some of the world’s greatest human rights abuses.  What we heard today from the Trump Administration wasn’t a call for rational reform in pursuit of international justice, but reactionary fear-mongering. Threats to sanction and prosecute international jurists are extremely serious, and will seriously damage America’s reputation as a nation that supports credible international justice mechanisms. Ultimately, it’s the Bashar al Assads of the world that will benefit from this policy.


Published on September 10, 2018


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