Reproductive Rights Are Human Rights

WASHINGTON – The United States Supreme Court struck down a half-century of legal precedent today in the 6-3 Dobbs decision that overturns Roe v. Wade, which guaranteed abortion rights in the United States. As an organization committed to the expansion and protection of human rights, Human Rights First sees the Supreme Court as not only limiting human rights that Americans have counted on for two generations but also signaling to other nations that the long-held rights of their citizens can be eliminated by decree.

“Make no mistake – this case is devastating for all Americans, as it not only strips women of autonomy over their own reproductive health but also leaves other fundamental rights, such as contraception, marriage equality and privacy vulnerable to being dismantled,” said Licha Nyiendo, Chief Legal Officer at Human Rights First. “The Supreme Court’s radical opinion upending 50 years of legal precedent encourages authoritarians around the world to similarly roll back women’s rights and human rights in their own populations.”


Published on September 19, 2022


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